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Landscaping Tips for the Fall

When your custom built home is complete, you will want it to look its best year-round.  Landscaping is an important part of creating an aesthetic for your home. Fall is a season marked in Florida mostly by the months and holidays, and you may be looking to bring some seasonal cheer to your landscaping.

Custom Home Builders in Melbourne Share Landscaping Secrets

At Cogdill Home Builders, we specialize in building custom homes and offices in the Florida area.  Florida can seem limiting when it comes to landscaping if you are looking to bring an autumn color scape to your home for the fall season.  Here are some of the best landscaping tips for the Fall season that we, as custom home builders in Melbourne, have picked up over the years.


The fall in Florida brings cooler weather, so you want to make sure that you are using florals that do well in the cooler months.  Snapdragon bloom beautifully in cooler weather, and can provide you with bright colors for your garden.  Pansies also do exceptionally well, and colors like purple and red can truly bring an autumn touch to your home.  Of course, potted mums are always a great option and bring a northern foliage touch to your Florida home.    


Foliage is one of the prettiest aspects of fall.  You can have the effect you are looking for this Fall by using plants that flourish in the Florida weather.  Ornamental Kale has a cabbage like appearance, but shows colors of magenta and purple.  For a deeper, more vibrant color scheme, Dianthus offers deep reds, magentas and purples.  


If you want to see seasonal changes in your landscaping, plant some trees that change color with the season.  Flowering dogwood trees are native and their leaves change color in the Fall.  The leaves will become red and maroon with the changing season.  Red maples provide a change of color, from yellow to orange to deep red.  

For an extra seasonal touch, Poinsettias do very well in Florida climate.  They can actually flourish to enormous sizes.  These plants will be perfect for your colorful garden, and provide you with an extra boost of deep fall and winter colors.

At Cogdill Home Builders, we customize your property based on your design.  We can build your custom home and provide the landscaping you need to start your outdoor oasis.  Our custom home builders in Melbourne will make sure that you move into the home of your dreams.  


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