Babbard Front Elevation

A Home Built to Entertain

Alina Gabbard visited our booth at the Tampa Home Show. She owned a home in South Tampa in a very desirable neighborhood, but the house was built in the 1960’s and therefore it was tired and worn out. Remodeling was considered, but as I always say,” when its time to repaint, tear down and rebuild.” We looked at a few different floor plans and thought we had something that might work. Then we didn’t hear from Alina for about a year. She then contacted us again and told us she had an architect put together a plan for her. We timidly opened the architect plan she provided us and cringed, it was so busy and so contrived we had a hard time following it, plus, everything was designed in such a manner, that cost would be exorbinant and long term water resistance would be a major issue.

CBOF Gabbard Floorplan

We started by re-drawing the architects hand drawn plan in cadd, then scheduled a meeting with Alina and her husband to go over ideas to make the plan more efficient and workable. We feel we nailed it!

As you make your way up to the Entry you find (2) sets of stairs making just a subtle incline. To left at the Foyer you will find a Dining area fit to feed a small kingdom. Through that Dining area, you have a long Butler’s Pantry perfect for any event filled with drinks and orderves. As you Make your way into the Kitchen, you quickly realize that you have may never run out of cold food with (2) large refrigerators and a dedicated freezer at your beckoning. The island can seat a full baseball lineup with room to spare. The Nook is no different. Feel free to place your additional family members who can’t stop visiting you here with a sizable dining table. It will be official, holidays will be spent at this house! The Great Room features the conversation piece of the house. A voluminous clerestory above soaking in plenty of additional natural light will be one of the first things that grab your attention. You may think for a moment that you are at your country club gathering area. I know, its hard to believe this is a house. The secondary bedrooms are no exception. They have walk-in closets bigger than most people’s master bedroom closets. The Master Bedroom has closets that every woman truly deserves. Not only can they navigate through different sections of clothing in this closet. They will have dedicated space for a shoe closet. And of course, there is still a his closet as well. We did not forget that he is still the man of the house.

Well we know that this is quite a bit to digest. But we do not want to forget other important people that this house was designed to cater to. You have a dedicated room for the cat. It is an important member of the family after all. You also have guests who are disabled and require wheelchair access. Well this home has a dedicated wheelchair lift at the Garage as well as an accessible friendly Bedroom 4. And when you have all those who are most important to you with you, you will want to take them to the rear deck to enjoy the outdoors with some refreshing drinks. This house has it all!

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