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Build on your Lot: Buying a Lot

Many custom home buyers have a vision of their dream home already in their head when they come to us. It’s easy to see why there is such an allure to selecting your own plot of land and designing and constructing a home to fit this seemingly unreal picture. If you speak with those who have had this opportunity, most will tell you that selecting the land and creating a home that utilizes the topography and unique views of the lot is an incredibly rewarding experience.

That being said, there a few things that you need to know before you plan to build on your lot. Cogdill Builders of Florida has put together this handy guide on what to know before you purchase your new property.

Build on your Lot: Picking and Purchasing the Lot

In order to build on your lot, you must first pick out a piece of land but before you purchase carefully asses the feasibility and cost to build.  Often, people tend to purchase undeveloped or remote areas and although beautiful with breathtaking views they can prove expensive and difficult to build upon especially if it is far from roads, power lines, or particularly hilly or steep.

Consider taking pictures and discussing with your custom home builder whether or not the land is a buildable lot. If not, you may want to get an estimate before purchasing for the express purpose of a build on your lot custom home. Remember, no designer should draw house plans for you without a detailed site plan and no builder should estimate the construction costs without knowing where the home is being built or what’s under it.

Build on your Lot: Don’t Break the Bank

When it comes to building a custom home on your lot, knowledge really is power or, in this case, money in the bank. Often, to the untrained eye a piece of land may appear easily buildable when in fact it will cost thousands of dollars just to clear and level especially for property in remote or less developed areas. Consult with an experienced builder with local knowledge and strong build on your lot expertise to help in your search for land to avoid a costly mistake.

Build on your Lot: Costly Developments

Buying a lot in a new or existing development can be just a costly as buying a lot in the middle of nowhere. Although access to electricity, gas, water, and sewage may not be an issue, some sites especially in Florida may require a foundation supported by below-ground piers. This typically requires extensive excavation work which can be costly.

Existing developments may also have specific zoning laws, property line restrictions, and architecture criteria that must be adhered to when building. A build on your lot specialist will be able to help in these aspects and let you know what you can expect and whether or not you will be allowed to construct your dream home in these areas.

Most build on your lot firms, like Cogdill Home builders have extensive floor plan portfolios one of which may be ideal for the land that you choose to purchase or can be modified to reflect your personal taste and style. In the end, living where you want and in the home you want is our major goal.

Which one of our custom home floor plans do you prefer to build on your lot?

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