Build on Your Lot Florida And Lighting Trends For Custom Homes

Cogdill Builders, who build on your lot in Florida, understand the lighting in your home can make a big difference in the appearance of your interior design.  The fixtures you choose, brightness of the lights, and many other factors can set the tone for each room.  Build On Your Lot in Florida

We stay apprised of the latest trends in home design so that we can offer the best in our custom homes.  This year, some new lighting trends have emerged in the home design market, and some classics are back and here to stay.

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Copper fixtures are making a debut, as well as warmer gold fixtures.  The metal fixture is perfect for the modern home, and has become popular in kitchens, living rooms, and home offices.  The fixtures range from pipe-like industrial designs to classic cones.

Over-sized, elaborate fixtures are also making a strong appearance, and when combined with the metallic trend they are quite stunning.  For a home with high ceilings or an open foyer, custom statement fixtures or chandeliers are bringing the attention straight to the top, and becoming a focal point of the room rather than a highlight.

Scones are often used in bathrooms, and the latest trends show that this classic is not going anywhere.  Not only does scone lighting serve a practical purpose, but it also highlights certain areas of your interior design when strategically placed, and even becomes part of the design itself.

Hanging lights are another great kitchen choice.  With islands and large countertops being an ever-popular kitchen trend, these lights add an extra element of design that can be both modern and rustic.  Glass, iron, or metal are popular mediums for these fixtures, and the choice can have a dramatic effect on the overall feel of the room.

Standing lamps are also making a comeback.  Due to the convenience of light fixtures, standing lamps have been somewhat scarce in recent years.  However, up and coming trends show that for a living room, library, or even bedroom, the soft lighting provided by a standing lamp is sometimes preferable and adds a homey ambiance to the entire room.  

In both classic and modern designs, standing lamps can act as their own form of art.  Many publications depict standing lamps with a bare bulb, forgoing the assumption that lamps require a lampshade and focusing solely on the structure of the lamp.

When lampshades are used, the Micah or fabric shade is the choice.  This is most likely due to the emerging retro designs that are coming back in popularity.  Retro furniture and retro lighting to match is the theme, and this is encouraging classic fixtures and chandeliers in beveled or painted glass.  

Creating a home that you can be proud of is part of our job at Cogdill Builders, where we build on your lot in Florida.  Wherever we can assist you in the design of your home will only add to your enjoyment and satisfaction when you step into your custom home for the first time and in the years to come.

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