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Cogdill Homes are Energy Efficient

Having a home that is energy efficient can save you money, help you to lead a more comfortable lifestyle, and reduce your need to constantly update and repair your home.  Your energy consumption can be a big issue when it comes to your bills.  It can also result in overworking your equipment, causing the need for constant repairs or even replacements.  At Cogdill Home Builders, we pride ourselves on building energy efficient homes to fit your needs.        

One way that people see a large amount of energy consumption, especially in Florida where you can build on your lot in Tampa, is through their air conditioning system.  The HVAC system that we use in our Cogdill homes have a minimum of 13 SEER, meaning that they provide maximum comfort.  The HVAC systems are energy efficient and can even be upgraded to higher SEER levels.        

If you are using air conditioning, you need to have high performance windows and doors.  Ignoring this fact can leave your system overworking itself to keep up with the outside weather, and account for up to half of your energy consumption overall!  This is why we use EnergyStar rated windows that are double glazed with insulated aluminum frames.  Our doors are insulated steel or fiberglass.  These energy efficient windows and doors protect the openings in your home, and ensure that your house is airtight and your energy bills are a direct reflection of what you utilize to make your home comfortable for you.  In addition to sealing the openings in your home, Cogdill seals your entire home with an insulation technique that keeps air and moisture from getting into or out of your home.

 Also available with our homes is Radiant Barrier Sheathing for your roof.  This product offers a reflective shield that blocks up to 97% of the sun’s heat from entering your attic.  Too much heat in your attic can cause your air conditioning system to overwork itself, leading to issues and higher energy bills.  The difference adding this option to your home can make is amazing, and it is a highly recommended option for those that build on your lot Tampa.

One of the best parts of having a Cogdill Custom Home built for you is that our Smart homes come with EnergyStar approved appliances.  This includes your dishwasher, refrigerator, and even your water heater, among other appliances.  The latest in technology is employed to ensure that you can use an efficient amount of water and energy, as opposed to older models that do not have this benefit.  The difference is staggering.  Your toilets and faucets are water efficient, reducing your water consumption and further preserving your energy.

At Cogdill Custom Homes, we do our best to ensure that you get the most out of your brand new home.  Creating an energy efficient environment for you to live in helps you to save money and time on repairs in the years to come, ensuring that your home provides lifetime benefits as a result of its careful construction and design.  

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