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Exterior Design Blogs That Will Inspire You

Any successful real estate agent will tell you that curbside appeal will raise the value of your home just as much as a good interior will. In fact, for many buyers, a well-maintained exterior is what gets them through the door. Whether you’re selling your home or building a new home, it pays to give attention to the exterior of your home. Not only does it reflect the kind of person you are — your aesthetic and attention to detail, it also gives you the opportunity to make use of the additional space that you have outside.

Building A New Home is Easy with Inspiration Like This

There is a growing trend of indoor to outdoor living, more and more homeowners are investing in making the exterior as livable and reflective of their personal style as the interior. If you are one of those people, then you must wonder where you should start. Before you get overwhelmed by all the choices available, why not visit some famous design blogs that can guide you through this transformation? Here are some of the most popular and creative exterior design blogs.

  • Exterior Portfolio


Exterior Portfolio is both an exterior design team and site with a lot of tips that can help you DIY some parts of your backyard. Their design philosophy is all about focusing on customer-centric design that allows you to incorporate as much of your personal taste as possible. That’s why a lot of their content is about celebrating quirky design pieces that will mean something to you. They also underline the importance of function. It’s common a theme in their blog entries. Why add a bonfire feature if you’re not going to use it? If you’re looking for a no nonsense blog that will open your eyes to exterior designs, then this is the perfect one to visit.

  • Ritz Exterior Design


This blog was started by Guy Mouritz, a famous landscape artist, and exterior designer, in the hopes of reaching out to homeowners that need a little bit of spice or zen in their backyard. The site’s theme is all about respecting the natural surroundings that you have and taking inspiration from them, so a lot of the features are amazing plants and a lush garden. He also gives a lot of tips on how to make each project affordable but functional.

  • Behr


Behr is actually a mixed site that dispenses both interior and exterior design advice. It’s all about creating a home with a cohesive style, so if you’re looking to that, this is the perfect site to visit. A lot of their design suggestions are also themed, like how you can achieve a Mediterranean-looking backyard or a classic, stately lawn. 

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