custom built handicap features in your home

Handicap Features for Your Custom Home

Living with a handicap can be a daily struggle, especially if your home is not a place that can accommodate your disability or handicap.  With custom built handicap features for your home, you’ll never have to worry that your own house will become a challenge.

Cogdill Offers These Custom Built Handicap Features for Your Home

If you purchase a home that someone else lived in, you could easily add handicap features.  However, they may be somewhat awkward and definitely costly, since you are working against the design of the home as it was built.  With a custom built home, you are building for your lifestyle, and that includes designing the features that you need directly into your home.  Here are some examples of how your designer can help.

ADA Compliancy

With a custom home, you can ensure that your home is built to be ADA compliant, or built using Universal Design. This means that your home will be accessible to all, and will make sense for your specific handicap.  It will be equally convenient for those with or without a disability or handicap.

Wheelchair Access

In addition to wheelchair ramps at the entrances, there are other details that custom home builders know to incorporate when designing a home for someone with a wheelchair.  For example, a sloping garage floor without a lip to stall you, or wider hallways and doorways throughout the home can make a huge difference in your everyday convenience, and do not take away from the aesthetic of your home!


Custom homes can easily incorporate a one story layout for your home, making everything you need available on one floor.  Extra floor space can be built right into the design so that you have plenty of room to maneuver if you use any type of assisting device.


When designing your home, custom home designers can add blocking into your walls for easy handrail installation. This is impossible to do on a home that is not custom built without major structural remodeling.  You can also choose from a variety of lighting options to accommodate your needs.  Maybe you need brighter lighting for better visibility or dimmer lighting due to light sensitivity.  You can ensure these features are installed from day one.


With custom built homes you have an array of options. How would you design your custom home?  Let us know what you can’t live without in the comments below!


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