Creating a Social Environment in your Custom Home

One of the beauties of building a custom home with our South Tampa home builders is that you don’t have to rearrange your home to fit your lifestyle. Instead, our South Tampa home builders design your home to enhance your lifestyle and make living easy.  If you prefer a social environment in your home, custom homes are a great place to start.  With our custom building design tips you can create a social environment in your home.

South Tampa Home Builders Custom Home Social Environment

Many people call the kitchen the heart of the home.  If you want a social environment in your home, your custom kitchen should reflect that.  In today’s tradition, guests tend to notice the kitchen above any other room in the home.  Gone are the days of people waiting in the other room while a meal or drinks are being prepared. Instead, the kitchen has become a gathering place for socialization.

If you were using your custom home to create a social environment, your kitchen should have available seating for guests.  A popular option is an island and bar, with barstools at the counter.  Create a space that allows conversation, not just a stopping point to raid the refrigerator.

The living room is the first place people think of when they think of socialization. In our custom homes, many people are opting for a family room rather than a formal sitting room as they have in the past.  They see the space as a place to relax with friends and socialize without distractions or discomfort.

If you truly want your home to have a social environment, a dining room is crucial.  Sitting down to a meal out of table is one of the best ways to increase socialization and allows you to offer entertainment for your guests simply by arranging a time to gather in a common area.  Having a meal together break the ice and offers a conversation piece for new guests.

Being in Florida, an outdoor space for social gatherings is the number one choice for people attempting to create a social environment within their home.  Our custom designers create beautiful screened-in porches, patios, and outdoor seating areas that you will be proud to show your guests.
Creating a social environment is simple when you have a team of designers at your fingertips. At Cogdill home builders, we try to make sure that your home is the best possible design for your lifestyle.  

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