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Design Ideas for Your Screen-In Porch

When you live in a warm climate, having a screened in porch is a wonderful luxury. You get all of the convenience of being outdoors without any of the elements being able to get in. Since we love the screened in porch, we’ve collected some of the best custom design inspiration ideas we’ve seen so you can use them as inspiration for your home.

Custom Design Inspiration for Your Screened In Porch


Nooks are very popular with screened-in porches.  They can give you a mini getaway, right on your porch. There are many different ways that people create these individuals spaces. From a construction point of view, an attached gazebo or cupola is a great opportunity to create a little private space.  If you are trying to use interior design to create your nook, you can arrange the furniture so that there is a natural separate area or purchase furniture that inspires singularity. For example, a hanging Papasan Swing or a loveseat can create its own little cozy environment.

Color Your World

Screened in porches have tended toward neutral tones for trim and paint as a regular rule.  However, recent trends show bright colors on the walls and window frames, accentuating the space and creating a colorful getaway.  Yellows, oranges, and reds are taking the forefront of this trend.


A screened in porch is a cozy getaway, so why not add a fireplace?  A fireplace adds a warmth and allows for a lodge-like direction to the general design of the porch.

Dining Space

One of the sacrifices that modern design has made with the open floor plan is a formal dining room.  In lieu of this, we’ve seen more people forgo the lounge space of the screened in porch, and instead use it as a dining space.  With a formal dining table, your screened in porch can become a relaxing and beautiful dining area.

Year-Round Design

When we think of a screened in porch, we tend to think of screens.  Creating the option of year-round design takes this restriction away, and even seasonal weather areas can then enjoy the porch year-round.

We know there are so many things you can do with your screened in porch.  What would you do?  Let us know in the comments below!



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