Custom Home Builders Understand Living with a Disability & Can Improve Your lifestyle

Custom home BuildersCogdill, custom home builders, understands how living with a disability or handicap can be a daily struggle. If the places you regularly frequent do not have tools or conveniences in place it can make life difficult.

While this may cause you to adjust your routine in the outside world, there is one place you should never have to alter your comfort for- your home.        

If you purchase a pre-existing home, you may be able to add certain conveniences that will make the home accessible for you.  You may even find that you are able to make multiple alterations that can increase your ease of movement within the home.  

Nothing compares, however, to a custom built home that takes into consideration your optimal lifestyle.  

At Cogdill Builders of Florida, we have an expert team of designers who can help you not only accommodate your lifestyle, but embrace it.   

How Can Custom Home Builders Like Cogdill Help?

The first thing you and your Cogdill designer will work together to ensure is that your home is ADA compliant, or built using Universal Design.  

These terms basically mean that the home is accessible, specific to your handicap, and makes sense for everyone, including those without a disability.

Using these designs does not have to mean your home is aesthetically less pleasing.  

For the outdoors entrances, you can expect handicap ramps that are designed by sloping the garage floor for a more natural appearance.  Ramps that are tacked on to an existing model seem more like an afterthought.     

You can also count on wider doorways, which are easier for wheelchair access, both outside the home and in.

Universal design means they will design a one story layout for your home.  Everything you need will be available on one floor.  

The interior will have wider hallways and extra floor space for easy movement, and lever door handles for better access. 

Another feature which can make a huge difference to those who need handicap access is built in blocking for your bathroom walls. This is so that handrails can be installed.  

This is impossible to do on a home that is not custom built without major structural remodeling. 

Cogdill Builders can make sure that this format is in place from the moment your home is built, so that you can utilize the feature immediately or at a later date.  

This means that you could design the bathroom in this manner, but hold off on handrails in anticipation of age or the possibility of parents or handicapped family moving in.  

These designs even have superior lighting to ensure your safety and visibility in your own home.

In addition to ADA compliance and the above features, Cogdill Builders can ensure you have other luxuries that will improve your lifestyle.  

Large showers with even flooring can help you have easy access, and a built in large bathtub can add to your specific features.  

A roomy bedroom and walk in closet can ensure you have the space you need.  

An open floor plan and lower kitchen cabinets can help those in a wheelchair have full access to the items in their own home.

With custom built homes by Cogdill Builders, the possibilities are endless.  

Using our designer to create the type of home that meets your needs means that you will never feel limited in your own home.  

Give us a call today to find out how our custom home builders can help you custom design your home!

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