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Entertaining Features for Your Custom Home

Features that make entertaining easier have become fixtures in custom homes, especially as of late. More and more homeowners are realizing that they want to be able to invite their family and friends over and show them a good time without feeling cramped in their living space.

Custom Home Features That Make Entertaining a Breeze

Designers recommend extending your house’s living space and adding features that are great for entertaining not only because it’s more convenient for owners but they also increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell. To give you some options for your own place, here are some the most loved custom home features when it comes to entertaining.

Open Layout

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make any custom home perfect for entertaining. An open concept allows people to flow from area of your home to the another. Your guests — whether their your cousins or next door neighbors — can mix and mingle.

An open layout encourages people to talk because they’re all in a big open space. This is also more convenient for you because you don’t have to walk around with hors-d’oeuvres all night. The kitchen and dining area, where you can put your food out are easily accessible. Besides, walls take up a lot of space that could otherwise be free.

Multi-Purpose Kitchen

One of the favorite places to congregate in during parties is the kitchen. Making sure this space is functional but still spacious is a must. You can add a bar to store and serve drinks, a long island or a breakfast bar that comes with a few seats or benches and centerpieces that are great conversation starters.

Entertaining also means bringing in the goods you might need to serve a good group of people — that is if you cook or bake. You can get two ovens and a bigger fridge installed, so you’re able to serve food to a bigger crowd without slaving over food for hours and hours.

Indoor Outdoor Space

Opening up your entertaining area to include your porch, deck or patio is a great use of space. Parties, especially those that take place during the day, tend to spill out into the outdoor space anyway. Adding a table, a few benches and umbrellas or tents will really help. You can even install a pool, an outdoor pit or a centerpiece — such as a fountain or small waterfall — where people can gather and enjoy each other’s company.

What is your favorite custom home feature when entertaining?  Let us know in the comments below!


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