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Custom Home Floor Plans vs. Standardized Homes

Whether you are moving to a new city and plan on purchasing a new home or just looking for an upgraded floor plan, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the right builder. At this point, you may be trying to decide between custom home floor plans and standardized homes. They are two distinct options and the choice you make will determine what kind of builder you employ.

Custom Hom Floor plan CBOF

A standardized home or production home uses the same custom home plan unique to a particular builder for multiple homes in suburban locations. What most people would call “cookie cutter” homes are all built in the same community on tracts of land subdivided to support construction at various price points. There is a no-hassle benefit to these stock floor plans as well as a significant cost savings to homebuyers. Although the turnaround or build-time for standardized homes are quick, there are rarely options to personalize finishes, like flooring and cabinetry, and almost no flexibility when it comes to room configuration or altering the floor plan.

Sometimes, in-between a standardized home and a custom home floor plan there is option often called a semi-custom home. This is when existing stock floorplans for standardized home builders are tweaked to meet the needs of a homebuyer. Naturally, this option also lies middle ground when it comes to price and homeowners will have to spend extra money to buy the upgrades they desire that the builder can’t get at a wholesale price.

Custom homes are unique, one-of-a kind home with a custom home floor plan designed by collaborating with the new homeowner, the custom home builder, architect, and engineer. Custom home builders, like Cogdill Builders of Florida, are associated with high quality work and tend work mainly in a local or regional market. Custom home floor plans are extremely flexible and give the homeowner options in almost every aspect of the process from flooring and foundation to the fixtures.

Custom home floor plans allow you to mix and match styles and plans to build a custom home specifically for the owner’s needs and lifestyle. This attention to detail leads to a higher caliber of quality. Of course, this level of flexibility comes at a cost, both time and money. You will deal with more decisions, stress, and possible setbacks or errors than with a standardized home.

Custom Home Floor Plan CBOF

The best thing to do is evaluate your options and decide if a standardized, semi-custom, or custom home floor plan is best for you. From there, you will want to make sure you choose an experienced custom home builder that meets your needs and has a proven record of success.

To start getting ideas of what you can expect from custom home floor plans, take a look at Cogdill Builders of Florida’s portfolio and give us a call if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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