Outdoor Designs for Your Custom Home in Tampa

Building your custom home in Tampa with Cogdill Builders can be an exciting experience.  When you design your own home, the exterior can be just as exciting to design as the interior.  Custom Home in Tampa

We have a number of great outdoor designs to choose from, and are always coming up with new ideas.

Enhance Your Custom Home in Tampa

One way to truly enhance your outdoor design and set it apart is through the windows.  We offer a variety of window styles that will make your home truly unique.  

If you enjoy a lot of sunlight, or have a beautiful view, you may opt to have a lot of windows, or floor to ceiling windows.  These can be multi-paned or simple in design.  

Arched windows offer an elegant touch, and placed side by side can create a lavish design. Or, if you prefer traditional styles, we have some beautiful variations on traditional windows.

Your home can be any color that you want.  We often use a concrete finish, which not only offers longevity and durability, but is a smooth and attractive exterior.  

We also offer a stone or brick finish, which gives the appearance of multi-toned, hand stacked stones.

Screened in porches are increasingly popular, and we have designed some stunning versions.  Large screened in porches with tile flooring and outdoor seating areas that mimic the indoors are one of our favorite options.

Make Your Custom Home Design Stand Out

There is nothing that gives your home an air of regality more than an impressive doorway.  With our custom design team, we’ve created a variety of designs to make your home stand out.  

A covered doorway with an arched entryway offers a touch of elegance and combines it with practical shelter from inclement weather when you are unlocking your door.  

French doors can be opulent and look beautiful, providing sunlight for your foyer as well as a stunning entrance.  A recessed doorway gives your home a modern look, or for a classic and majestic appearance, you can have tall columns built for your entrance or porch.

If making the entrance matter is a design priority for you, you’ll love our driveway designs.  Have guests greeted by statuesque columns when they arrive, if you want a personalized entry.  

Circular driveways are appealing and convenient, while extra wide driveways allow for multiple cars and many visitors.

At Cogdill Home Builders, we are truly dedicated to building you the home of your dreams.  Your custom home in Tampa will be personalized by your designer and you, allowing you to create your version of beauty from the inside out.

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