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Custom Homes Make Sense for Extended Families Living Together

In the current post-recession era, young adults are driving the rise in multi-generational living.  Pew Research Center, an independent nonpartisan public issue fact tank, reports that a record 57 million Americans, 18.1 percent of the population, live in multi-generational family households.  This trend appears to stem across all genders in the 25 to 37 age range due mostly to the loss in post baccalaureate employment opportunities.

For anyone living in this situation, peaceful co-habitation can be difficult to achieve in a standard one family home. Instead, consider a cost-effective custom built home that can provide conveniences for any member of the household.

Historians and builders point out that modern multigenerational suburban households mimic those popular before World War II and the building boom which followed.

Recently, one of the hottest trends in housing includes diverse layouts with flex rooms. Layouts and rooms can range from lock-off suites to over-the-garage apartments or other similar alternatives. Many builders note that convenient solutions like this have had a rise in popularity.

Developers are creating homes that forgo the modern man-caves and theater rooms and replace the square footage with custom conveniences accommodating a variety of needs.  Floor plans can vary based on the needs of the builder such as single story homes which avoid stairs, handicap bathrooms, or specialized amenities in a cost effective manner.

Although custom homebuilders tend to struggle with the initial price tag, the increasing availability of different layouts proves more cost effective than adding on or renovating an existing home.  It is much cheaper to add handicap accessible doors and bathrooms or lock off suites during construction than a finished house. An added bonus, in the custom process, is that families will not live in a construction zone for any period of time nor compromise on things they don’t want like staircases and swimming pools.

Custom homes make sense for the growing number of extended families living together due to their convenient floor plans, reasonable cost, and the ability for peaceful co-habitation. Dedicating every square foot to a family’s needs is far more cost efficient than having unwanted features in need of modification. An improvised layout and crowded spaces can cause resentment and conflict instead of privacy and easily accessible common area where families can enjoy one another.

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