Cogdill Custom Homes Tampa – Using SoftPlan to Design Your Home

Being an advanced builder of Custom Homes Tampa, Cogdill Home Builders uses the most advanced and effective tools to create your dream home.  Custom Homes Tampa

A professional and experienced staff, top of the line construction, and our innovative home design software are just some of the ways we bring everything together.  

SoftPlan architectural CAD software gives us the ability to design and re-design your home as needed during the planning process.

Custom Homes Tampa SoftPlan Options

One of the most appreciated features of SoftPlan by our clients is the collaboration features that it offers.  

Once we’ve drawn up your initial design, we use SoftPlan technology to make it accessible to you. This allows you to collaborate with our home design team and give feedback regularly.  

Our clients can download the SoftPlan reviewer and collaborate on the interior design of their custom homes Tampa.

Collaboration Meetings Include:

  • SoftPlan reviewer
  • Color Selection
  • Visit the cabinetmaker and choose cabinets
  • Select appliances
  • Coordinate finishing touches
  • Choose flooring and tiling
  • And meet with subcontractors
  • By using the SoftPlan software, we can collaborate further online

As a design tool, SoftPlan imitates real life.  So, instead of substituting simulations and lines for real-life items, SoftPlan shows the design in a way that mimics its real life.  

You will see your home’s floor plan and exterior in three dimensional picture, with fully built walls, shutters, and doors.  

SoftPlan takes the inputted information and creates a detailed digital model.  This model is used to add significant building details that illustrate the construction, not just the visually appealing factors.  Therefore giving our crew a detailed building plan that ensures proper construction of your home.

SoftPlan creates a digital rendering that you will struggle to believe is not real life.  It shows shadows, lighting, and sun studies.  

The 3D structure on the screen is of photorealistic quality.  Even someone with a limited ability to imagine specific details without visual aids will feel confident.

They can guarantee that the rendering shown on the program will reflect their decisions in real life.  

Therefore allowing the client to make even the most detailed tweaks in their design choices based on visual aids.

Your design process will be a fun and exciting experience.  In order to achieve this, we used advanced technology such as SoftPlan. Most of all, this technique works with you on creating the home of your dreams.  

Our cutting edge software, expert designers, and careful practices are sure to leave you with a positive experience. As a result, a beautiful home that will be yours forever.  


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