Custom Homes Tampa Share About Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Custom Homes Tampa

Cogdill Home Builders are dedicated to designing and building your dream home.  

Our custom homes Tampa provide you with your own personal design and a quality finished product. 

However, we can’t design your neighborhood!  Here are some steps for choosing a neighborhood that feels like home.

Custom Homes Tampa Helps You Find the Right Neighborhood

First, think about what type of lifestyle you lead, and what type of lifestyle you want.  

Are you looking for a more populated area, with everything within driving distance?

Or do you prefer a neighborhood where most places are in walking distance?  Are you raising a family and looking to become part of a community?  

Think about all of the surface qualities you want in a neighborhood, and write them down.

What Do You Really Want?

Next, think about what you don’t want.  Maybe you wouldn’t like to live in a neighborhood with no other families, or that is noisy at night.  

Or, you wouldn’t want to live in a neighborhood with a different age demographic than you.  Make a list of what you don’t want, and put your top priorities first.

Be aware that you may have to compromise on some issues, so you want to be aware of what is most important to you.

Research the places that match your criteria.  Chances are, you know the area or at least State that you are moving to.  

You may even be considering one of our custom homes Tampa in Florida.  If you aren’t limited to a certain area, go ahead and search wherever you like!  

Just narrow it down to three or four main choices that fit your criteria.

Take the Initiative

Next, schedule a visit.  Visiting the local spots in an area is a great way to get to know what it’s like, but try specifically looking for community events.  

Remember, the goal is to find a neighborhood where you feel at home, not one that you enjoy visiting.  

Get to know members of the community. And visit some of the local places that you will visit on a regular basis.

Get the statistics and information about your area.  Crime rates, school districts, economy, and job market are major factors when you are deciding where to live.  

Make sure you seriously consider the information you receive, and take into consideration how it could impact your lifestyle.

Finding a place to live is about more than just your perfect home, built custom for you by Cogdill Home Builders.  

It’s about finding land in an area that makes you feel at home and comfortable, where you want to live and can see yourself living in the future.


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