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Tearing down your existing house may not cost as much as you think. Often the demolition cost will offset the impact fees, one cost cancels out the other.

Demolition, Tear-Down and Rebuild?

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You hate your house but the location is fabulous!
  • Your house no longer meets your needs?
  • You don’t want to suffer through building an addition.
  • You don’t want to live in a part new, part old house that looks pieced together.
  • You want a new house, built stronger to meet today’s 2010 building code.
  • You are just simply tired of this old house.

New homes rebuilt on tear down lots:

  • Are better constructed, meet current 2010 building code.
  • Have significantly stronger foundations and structural systems, (if Cogdill Builders of Florida builds it)
  • Experience less difficulty in obtaining homeowners insurance
  • Avoid that hodge-podge appearance of new construction additions added to old buildings
  • New homes are significantly more energy efficient.
  • Overall costs of major additions and remodels sometimes can be greater than teardown and rebuilding.
  • It’s a new home in a great location with less maintenance, your basic win-win.
  • I can draw your plans and can work with you to design a new home to match your needs on your current property.

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