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Design Trends to Upgrade Your Master Bedroom

For many homeowners, customization for your home is a must.  The master bedroom is the most sacred part of the home. This is where you retreat and recharge after a long day’s work. Your most valuable and cherished possessions are often stored here, and this is where you can truly be yourself. That’s why this is usually the space in a home where you’re able to fully show your personality, take risks and try something new. Remember, the master bedroom is your personal space. Make sure it fits your needs and your style.  

 Customization for Your Home is Ideal for These Master Bedroom Trends

If you’re looking for a way to update your bedroom or you’re in search of inspiration for that dream personal space, here are couple innovative design trends.

Keeping it Grey

This year, the calming color of grey is back on trend. If you’re the type to enjoy minimalist and modern design, sticking with this palette is an easy choice. The twist that most designers introduce into a classic grey room is an unexpected pop of color – usually a pastel drape, a bright throw pillow or a plant in a corner. This allows your eye to rest the moment it walks in the room, but retain interest with that pop of color.

Going Industrial

This trend has been growing steadily in popularity for a couple of years, but it’s finally getting the attention it deserves now. An industrial design is all about brick walls, exposed pipes, a mix of metals and dark brown tones. This is very masculine and stripped down, a contrast to the previous white and crisp mid-century master bedroom trend.

Bright Over White

Contrast is key this year. You can mostly see that with clean, white walls, littered with very colorful and graphic art pieces. There’s no need to spend a lot for expensive works. You can even DYI this with paint and a white canvass. This trend can also translate to white sheets with bright throw pillows or a white shelf with colorful knickknacks.

 Golden Age

A great way to add some glamor, luxury and class to a room is by introducing something gold, like a nightstand or a bedframe. It’s an even a great idea to make that the centerpiece of a rather minimal or mid-century themed room. The contrast highlights the gold, without making it look tacky and overwhelming. If you’re not crazy about a huge gold piece, then try a golden vase or a gold lamp. You’re still able to keep with the trend, without drowning out the rest of the room.


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