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Why You Should Live in an Energy Efficient Home

At Cogdill Home Builders, we pride ourselves on using green building and energy star construction practices and products. There is a good reason that these practices and products are the latest in construction design. Living in energy efficient homes in Florida is a priority to many people, and it’s no wonder. There are many reasons that you should live in an energy efficient home.

Energy Efficient Homes in Florida Have Multiple Benefits


The obvious reason to live in energy efficient homes in Florida is cost. There is a extreme difference between the costs incurred from utilities with a regular home and a home that uses energy star practices. The term energy efficient means that your devices use less energy to fully achieve their goal. This means that in an energy efficient home, it takes less energy to heat or air condition the home to a comfortable temperature and to maintain that temperature over time. It takes less energy to heat up hot water and keep the water warm. This means that your utility bill is significantly lower than if you lived in a home that was not energy efficient. It can save you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year.


For most of the same reasons that energy efficient homes are better for your wallet, they’re also better for your comfort. Imagine living in a home that maintains its temperature year round with very little effort. Once you cool down an energy efficient home, the heat will not penetrate for an extended length of time.  In an older or less efficiently built home, you would have to run the air conditioning on high all day to beat the warm summer heat.  The same goes for heating your home when it’s cool outside.


Using renewable and clean energy sources reduces the impact on the environment by lessening the depletion of our natural resources.


Living in a home that is green and energy efficient is better for your health. The air within your home is cleaner because you are using less gas and other pollutants.

Creating an energy-efficient environment benefits your lifestyle.  You could enjoy an all-around more comfortable, cost-efficient, and conscious existence with the help of Cogdill home builders.


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