What are Handicapped Accessible Home / Universal Design Homes?

Terms like universal design, ADA compliant, accessible design, handicapped design, ADA design were used in the past to describe various concepts of today’s Universal Design Homes. Universal design is the current terminology used to describe ADA compliant homes designed with features that make those homes more user-friendly to the handicapped. You can consider our plans to be universal design floor plansas they are highly customizable to your specific handicap needs.

Today’s Universal design home plans simply make sense for everyone by providing an enhanced home living environment. The most important aspect of Universal Design is that it does not have to be unattractive or provided only for those with disabilities. Our Universal Design floor plans include features that make sense for everyone:

No-step entry: Handicap ramps into the home are achieved by sloping the garage floor creating a no-step path into the house through an ADA compliant door into your home.

One-story living: Dining areas, bathrooms, and sleeping areas are all located on one handicap accessible, barrier-free level.

Wider doorways: ADA compliant doors are 32-36 inches wide in order to allow wheelchairs pass through. But not just wheelchairs! Wider doors also make it easier to pass through the door with large items, furniture, or a hand full of groceries!

Wider hallways: ADA compliant hallway widths of 36-42 inches, allow easy passage of people and things.

Extra floor space:You spend a great amount of timein the kitchen and bathroom so why be cramped? Our ADA compliant bathrooms and kitchens will improve ergonomics and your enjoyment of these spaces.

Blocking in bathroom walls: to allow for easy installation of optional ADA compliant handrails. Why not have the blocking installed at the construction phase…install the handrails later!

Lever door handles: We’ll install ADA compliant door hardware and rocker light switches. These are great for people with poor hand strength, and they are aesthetically pleasing.

Good Lighting: outstanding ADA compliant lighting throughout your universal design home including: walk-in closets, bathrooms, and common areas is critical to everyone’s enjoyment and simply looks good.

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