custom homes built on your lot

Features You’ll Love in Your New Custom Home

Cogdill Home Builders are experienced and knowledgeable.  We understand the latest developments in home design, and are sure to incorporate these into each of our custom homes built on your lot.  You’ll love the many features in your custom home.  

Check Out These Features of Our Custom Homes Built on Your Lot

Custom Design

One of the most significant features of the custom home is the fact that it is designed specifically for your needs. You can choose the floor plan, layout, number of rooms, and even customize the size of the rooms to fit your specifications. Is having a porch extremely important to you? Would you rather have a screened-in back deck? Are you looking for large walk-in closets but small bedrooms? Whatever your needs, your custom home will be designed to fit them.

Energy Efficiency

Your home from Cogdill home builders will be energy-efficient.  We have a number of techniques to ensure that your home is environmentally sound and economically responsible.  All of our custom designed homes are energy efficient.

Pesticide tubes in walls

Pests and bugs can be a big problem when it comes to the longevity of your home.  Our pesticide tubes in wall system ensures that your home is protected from little creatures that could do it harm.

Solid Concrete Walls

When we build a home, we recommend the highest quality product to ensure that your home is secure and able to be enjoyed by you for years to come.  We work primarily with ICF walls.   These walls are weather resistant, fire resistant, energy efficient, and reduce noise pollution. They’re also a Green product.

High ceilings

The majority of our floor plans include a 10 or 12 foot ceiling height period the average ceiling height is 7 or 8 feet. We believe that high ceilings portray a sense of luxury and spaciousness that we are not willing to sacrifice when it comes to your design.  

Cutting Edge Design Concepts

Our design team knows the latest design trends and concepts.   We’ve even created some of our own. Your custom home will have innovative storage space, built in conveniences, and livable attributes that will be unparalleled by other home designs.  The beauty of a custom home is that we can conceptualize a brand new design to fit your specific needs.

Because Cogdill home builders work with custom homes built on your lot, there are unlimited features that you can add to your home design. To find out more about what features are available to you, visit our website or speak with one of our design experts.


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