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How to Find the Right Land

When you decide to build a custom house, it gives you freedom.  Freedom to decide where you want to live, and how much to customize your space.  When you find the right area, choosing the perfect lot is the next step.  Here are some tips for finding land where you want to live.

Finding the Perfect Land to Build a Custom House

There are many online resources for finding land.  Some sites are designed exclusively for sale of land, while others list homes and land for sale.  A great way, however, to look for land for sale is to drive around the area you are looking at.  Getting to know the area is a side benefit to exploring in person.  You may find that there is a perfect piece of land in an area that you already love.

Searching the classifieds is also a great way to find land that is for sale by owner.  If you find a real estate agent, however, they can help you find land that fits your needs.  They also know exactly what questions to ask.  These are some of the concerns you should consider when buying land:

– If you aren’t located on a road, make sure you have road access points. You could wind up using someone else’s property to access your land, which would make you dependent on the owner for permission.

– Find out about water and sewer access.  

– Have someone with experience check the drainage of the land.  Make sure it is not susceptible to flooding or pooling.

– Check major utilities and ensure there is a company that will serve your area

Checking these items beforehand will make your decision easier and prevent potential issues.

If you plan to build a custom house on your land, there are a few other things you should check before you purchase the land.  For instance:

  • Local and state zoning laws and restrictions
  • Soil makeup (certain kinds of soil are better for building than others.  This isn’t a dealbreaker, but understand that soil with less than optimal conditions will add cost to the construction of your home)
  • Proper drainage. Although this was previously mentioned, it is absolutely essential if you plan on building.  

These are all of the practical things to consider when purchasing land on which you want to build a home.  Land is a personal choice, however.  It can be helpful to know what you are looking for before you start shopping.  Do you want something remote?  Would you like to be by the water, or surrounded by trees?  Are you looking for a central location?  These are all factors that can help you make a decision.  Try to prioritize what is most important to you and what will work best for your daily life, and go from there.  Be aware that you will most likely have to make some sacrifices, so knowing what really matters to you is important to the decision making process.


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