Florida Home Builders on Your Lot Use Taexx System for Pest Control

Florida home builders on your lot know Florida has some pretty scary and destructive pests.  Florida Home Builders On Your Lot

Our warm climate draws in bugs and insects that can get into your home.  That’s why at Cogdill Custom Builders, we offer a patented tubes in wall system to protect your new home.

The Taexx tube system in installed directly into your walls when the home is being built.   These tubes are perforated and strategically placed throughout the structure of your home.

This allows the system to distribute pesticide into the walls where the bugs would enter, live and breed.  Having this system in the wall makes it extremely effective, and separates it from your loved ones.  

The system can be consistently refilled, and has an access point outside of your home, so you never need to be bothered by service workers during the day, and don’t even need to be home to have the service completed.

Florida Home Builders On Your Lot Are Taexx Experts in Their Field

The system is installed by experts in their field.  They will always assess your needs prior to installation based on the climate, seasons and how they affect the weather and your building, and the structure of your home.  

Installation inside the walls not only keeps the chemicals away from the inside of your home, but also protects the system from sunlight, which allows the effects to last longer.

The system is also preferred by most because it does not leave stains or other signs of recent pest treatment.  No furniture needs to be moved or displaced, because installation happens right as we are building your home.  

When you move in, the system will already be hard at work defending your home.

The Taexx system will prevent most bugs, but specifically targets termites.  Termites can be common in several areas of Florida due to the moist, warm climate.  

They can cause severe damage in your home if not prevented.  By the time you find termites or other bugs in your home, it may be too late to prevent damage.  You could experience major structural damage, and incur rebuilding costs as well as extermination and future prevention expenses.  

The Taexx system saves the homeowner time, stress, and money by preventing the issue instead of fighting it retroactively.

This system is regularly monitored by well-informed professionals.  The employees responsible for maintaining your system are continuously educated and trained to stay current in the industry and maintain their expert level of knowledge.  

After the first treatment, the service is scheduled so that the homeowner does not need to be present.  The technician will also treat the outside of your home, including windows and doors.

They will examine your home for potential issues, removing any nests seen along the way.  They will also provide a service report with tips on how you can work to prevent pests between treatments.

At Cogdill Custom Builders, Florida home builders on your lot, we work closely with the professionals that can make this system a possibility for your home.  With the latest in pest prevention technology, we can keep your brand new home safe and sound.

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