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Best Home Design Shows in Florida

At Cogdill Builders of Florida, we keep up with the latest in home design- and we know you do, too!  There are some amazing events in Florida that will help you to see the latest in design trends and get ideas for your custom home in Tampa.  Here are some of the best home design shows in Florida.

Get Inspired for your Custom Home in Tampa with These Events

Florida’s Largest Home Show

This is, as stated, Florida’s largest home show, and takes place at the Florida State Fairgrounds. The shows take place annually over Labor Day weekend, Winter, and during the Spring (this last one was in March).  The show boasts a large number of home design vendors and exhibitors, and is the perfect event for those in the industry, homeowners looking for the latest in design, or those building a home for inspiration.

Home Design and Remodeling Show

This show takes place all over Southern Florida at different times during the year.  The show is well-known for offering great inspiration to those looking to design or remodel.  It attracts a clientele that has the resources to design or remodel a home, and is specifically looking for ideas.  They focus on offering high-quality vendors to showcase their talents.

Better Living Home & Garden Show

With this show, you won’t be limited to just interior design.   You’ll have a variety of choices on what you want to focus on, including interior design, hot tubs, exterior design, landscaping, and more!  The next show is scheduled in FLA airport convention center on May 5-7, 2017.  

West Palm Beach Home Show

This show is based centrally around inspiration for design.  They boast a variety of interactive displays, meaning that you can see demonstrations, walk through the display, and get a feel for how the design will look and be lived in. 

BITAC Tech, Sales and Operations

This show is for the industry leaders in hotels, cruise lines, and other major companies.  It centers around a lot of things, but as far as interior design goes it’s a great show for major decision makers when it comes to property design.  There are a number of great and innovative design opportunities for corporate or large buildings.

Finding the right design inspiration is essential when designing a building or home.  With our custom home builders and professional designers, your custom home in Tampa will be innovative and well-designed regardless.  However, it never hurts to find inspiration from multiple sources- and you can rest assured that we are consistently doing the same to stay ahead of the game in custom design!



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