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Home Construction Developments in the Last Ten Years

One of the main reasons that custom homes are currently in such high demand is that they are able to keep up with changes and trends in construction.  Over the last ten years, home construction has evolved and developed in ways that simply cannot be replicated by older designs.  

Home Construction Updates in the Last Ten Years

These home construction updates have revolutionized the industry over the last decade.

Energy Efficiency

Making homes energy efficient has been a long-time priority in construction, but over the last ten years, the demand and advancements have skyrocketed.  The priority of creating EnergyStar approved homes has become a top factor in the building industry.  Today’s homes are more energy efficient, and therefore more environmentally and fiscally friendly.


Technology Makes for Quicker Construction

Like all technology in the last ten years, technology in construction has made major leaps.  With new tools and machines to support crews, the job can be done with fewer people and in less time.  This helps to cut down on delays, making for a faster turnaround time, even with large projects.

Weather Resistance

Modern homes stand up much better to inclement weather.  In the past, houses could withstand 80 – 100 mile per hour winds with little to no damage.  Now, with modern advancements, houses can withstand winds over 120 mph.  Roofing trends have also changed, making the damage possible to a home due to weather less likely than ever before.

Healthy Materials

There are materials that were once used in construction which are no longer considered healthy.  Now, materials common in construction which have been known to contain toxic chemicals have been replaced with healthier alternatives.

Having a home of your own is an exciting adventure.  Make sure the adventure lasts by building instead of buying.  Not only will you get to design your home from the ground up, you’ll also be able to take advantage of all of the amazing advances that have taken place in the construction and building industry.  

What advancement is most important for the home of your dreams?  Let us know in the comments below!



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