What Should I Know about Termites?

Termites – those pesky creatures that eat dead wood – have the potential to destroy your home completely, if given the chance. Reports suggest that these creatures are responsible for causing losses of over $5 billion to homeowners every year. The age-old adage says, Prevention is better than cure. This is true for termites too. Once your home gets infested with these creatures, it’s very difficult to get rid of them unless you get the help of a professional exterminator.

How can you find out if your home has them? 

The silent invaders are usually present in places where the exterior wood of your home comes in contact with soil. Plus, termites take advantage of spaces where underground plumbing pipes penetrate the building slab. They are sometimes difficult to spot, but some sure-shot signs that your home might have them are:

  • A pile of tiny wings in corner of your home is a tell-tale sign of a termite swarm. Occurring in the early summer, this means that there is a termite colony directly under or somewhere close to your house.
  • Presence of tiny, dry, brown, and cylindrical tunnel-like formations made of mud near your home’s exterior foundation wall or any firewood that may be stacked against your home is a definite evidence of termite activity.
  • Small holes with fecal pellets found in wooden furniture, doors, or window sills of your home show current termite activity.
  • Tap around the wooden sections of your home. If you hear a hollowed sound, you must further investigate to find out if it’s caused by termites. This is because termites start from the middle of the wood and eat their way out.
  • Sometimes, cracked or bubbling paints from your exterior walls can be a sign of termites in your home.

If any of the above signs are present in your home, you can be assured that there’s termite activity going on. The next thing you need to do is to determine how to get rid of these creatures.

How can you avoid them?

Make sure that you don’t let plants or bushes touch your home’s external walls. Also, keep away firewood and other types of wood away from home when not in use. There are three most commonly used termite repellent products in the market today, which are:

  • Termidor: One of the best products against termites, Termidor is safe for use in all domestic and commercial spaces and can eliminate termites quickly. The main advantage is that it doesn’t affect surrounding soil or organisms.
  • Boracare: This cost-effective product is directly applied on the wood to protect your entire home. It provides a life-long solution against termites and doesn’t require any additional treatment after the first application.
  • Premise: This termiticide can be used in areas in and around your home to provide a solution to keep termites from entering your home. The outstanding treatment is durable and can provide extremely strong protection for your home.

In addition to taking the above precautions, make sure that you repair your faulty plumbing on time, and also keep your gutters unclogged at all times. This will not only rid your house of termites, but of other insects as well. Along with our tubes-in-the-wall pesticide system

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