Local Home Builders Add Custom Convenience for Your Home

Local home builders at Cogdill understand the need for custom convenience. Local Home Builders

Oversized closets are an elusive rarity in pre-owned homes, but almost everyone wants and could use one.  

Unfortunately, as rare as they are in pre-owned homes, when they do exist it is usually in very large homes.  

Cogdill’s Local Home Builders

At Cogdill Builders of Florida, we create oversized closets to complement our custom homes.  

Because of our detailed design process, we can offer this option and still design the rest of your home to fit your needs.

Let’s say you are in need of a smaller home.  Having a smaller home will not mean that you need to sacrifice your oversized closet.  

Closets are very important to homeowners. They provide storage, and a place to keep your items that you don’t wish to be displayed in your home.  

This year, we’ve seen some innovative design trends for oversized closets.

LED lighting for your drawers and cabinets within your closet ensure that you will never be searching for an accessory in the dark.  

Not only does this provide convenience for those with an extensive wardrobe, but this lighting looks hi-tech and appealing.

Unique closet doors are another emerging trend.  Gone are the days of the traditional, blending closet door.  People are using their closet doors to make a statement!  

While most choose to still remain subtle, there are some innovative styles.  For a rustic look, sliding barn doors are a great accent to any oversized closet.  

If you prefer a more modern feel, glass or frosted glass is the look.  Some designs even show an absence of doors.  Instead, people use their favorite patterned or colored curtain, or a unique folding screen.

Looking to turn your closet into your dressing room?  Take the trend of having the vanity in your bathroom or bedroom and move that right into the closet!  

People are taking advantage of the space available in walk in closets by installing mirrors and vanity lights right into the closet wall.  With the proper storage, you can keep your make-up, hair, and skin care products nearby and your closet will become your dressing room.

Transparent storage is another popular choice.  Whether you are using plastic bins on shelves, or having clear drawers directly installed into your closet, there is no longer a need to hide your seasonal clothing.  

The transparent storage allows you to see what you don’t immediately use, so you can easily dig out your favorite item if the mood or a change in weather strikes you.

Oversized closets are eternally appealing because they combine style with function.  By choosing to design your own home, you open up the possibility of bringing your favorite closet designs to life without having to endure excessive space in other areas of the home that you may not require.  

Custom homes by Cogdill Builders of Florida give you the opportunity to design the home that works for you, instead of you working to fit your lifestyle inside your home.   

Design your dream closet and hop on the oversized closet trend by contacting your local home builders and designers at Cogdill Builders today.

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