Luxury Home Builders Tampa Working With Poor Soil Conditions

If you’re buying new land for your Cogdill Home Builders, luxury home builders Tampa, custom home, you’ll be able to check for soil conditions that are ideal for building.  Luxury Home Builders Tampa

However, what if you already purchased the land, or have land that is perfect for your needs aside from the soil?  At Cogdill Home Builders, we can work with poor soil conditions and make sure you end up with the home of your dreams.

Luxury Home Builders Tampa Can Help

The soil conditions of your land affect the building of your home significantly.  Custom homes are typically built on soil-supported foundations.  When the soil is not providing the optimum conditions to create this foundation, your Luxury Home Builders in Tampa create a stronger foundation to accommodate potential changes in the soil due to weather and moisture.   

To strengthen the foundation, we create a system of stiffening ribs with reinforcing steel.  Post tension cables are added to increase the strength and durability of the foundation.  These cables are similar to electric cables, and are tensioned with hydraulic jacks.  

They are then anchored at the slab edges once the concrete has hardened.  This creates a constant state of compression, which makes it impossible for the foundation to crack.  This process is called post-tensioning.

This process is more labor intensive than our traditional foundations, but is sometimes necessary to ensure that your home will stand the test of time.  Soil with a high clay content is an example of soil conditions that would lead to the necessity of post-tensioning the foundation.  

When moisture seeps into the soil, it expands and creates upward pressure on the foundation slab.  However, when the soil dries out, it releases the pressure.  This causes cracking.

Fortunately, our team of home builders are professional and knowledgeable.  They have the experience and background to assess your property and determine any potential issues that may take place while building your home, including poor soil quality.  

Once they’ve assessed these issues, they can come up with solutions and preventions to remedy the situation, and communicate them to you.  This way there are no surprises in the building process, and you are informed and prepared for any potential additional time or cost you may incur while building your home.

If you have not yet purchased the property you would like to build a custom home on, hiring a professional to conduct a soil test can save you money in the long run.  As long as you are prepared, we can help you come up with the best solution for your situation.

Our luxury home builders service the Tampa and surrounding areas, and can help you build your dream home.  With multiple floor plans, exterior and interior designs, and professional services, our experienced team will help you design and then construct your home.  

Trust Cogdill Home Builders to build you a custom home that will endure the test of time and shelter you and your family for years to come.

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