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The Latest in Home Office Trends

Today, more and more people are choosing to have a home office.  This practice is everywhere, whether you are using the space to conduct business after hours, run a business, or simply manage your household tasks.  As custom home builders and a top luxury homes construction company, we stay apprised of the latest trends in home design.  Here are some of our favorite trends for designing your home office.

Luxury Homes Construction Company Reveals Home Office Trends

Cozy and Functional

Home offices have become less utilitarian and more friendly.  The desk is no longer the focal point of the room.  Many are opting for a sleek desk and a comfortable but stylish seating area.  Think of the office as having room for socializing or curling up with a book as well as a space to get work done.  Multi-purpose spaces are the goal.

Neat and Tidy

Less is more in the modern day home office. Clean and open offices with minimal furniture and clutter are the trend.  Because of this, people are getting creative with their storage.  A closet or hidden shelving unit helps keep it neat, and because many are adding a lounge or sitting area, furniture storage is another popular choice.  Ottomans with hidden storage are a great addition.

Take it Outside

Taking your indoor activities to the great outdoors is a rising trend, and this extends to the office.  Screened in offices, and even separate outdoor structures, are a popular choice.  Being cooped up inside is no fun, especially if you do the majority of your work from home.  By having an outdoor office, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with having a home office.  

Custom Furniture and Design

Customization is huge.  People are no longer buying a generic assembly line of products. They are looking for quality work and a unique flair.  Whether it is their furniture, architecture, or home accessories, they are looking for craftsmanship.  Luckily, we have the tools and connections at Cogdill Home Builders to give them what they are looking for.  Personalization and combining design with function is our specialty, and we can incorporate the design of your home office into your custom built home.

To find out more about home trends and start designing your custom built home, contact our team of luxury homes construction professionals.



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