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Master Bedroom Design Trends

Your master bedroom should be a retreat from the rest of your home. You should feel as though you are entering your own domain and taking a respite from the rest of the world.  At Cogdill Home Builders,  we understand the need for a master bedroom that identifies with your needs and personality. With our custom designs, our house builders in Florida can create the perfect master suite for you.

House Builders in Florida Know the Latest Master Suite Trends

Coming up with ideas can be tough, especially when you don’t know all the options out there. Feel free to browse our portfolio for great design ideas, or come with your own ideas.  Sometimes it helps to know what the latest design themes are so that you can adapt them to your lifestyle. Here are the latest trends for the master bedroom.


On an aesthetic level, wallpaper is reappearing in the latest designs.  Summer using it as a gray accent wall, and it really does make the room. This trend is best paired with neutral furniture and bedding.

Keeping it Simple

On the opposite side of that trend is the simplistic European approach.   Rustic woods,  furniture made from raw materials, and exposed brick are some of the ways that these simplistic designs are making a huge impact.   These trends work great with a large room and are ideal for people who like to feel as if they are in a wide open space with a flair for architectural design.

Cozy and Classic

Fireplaces re-entering the design world in a huge way. Adding one to the master bedroom is an instant way to turn your Master bedroom into a master suite.  When we build your custom home, a large bedroom will allow you to have a small seating area around your fireplace in your gorgeous master suite.

The Best Part of your Master Suite

Of course, the most important factor that turns a master bedroom into a master suite is the attached bathroom. People are going all out with their Master bathrooms, no longer focusing on efficiency and thinking of it as an extra bathroom, but treating it as the main bathroom of the home.   It may not be used by all, but the master bathroom has become more of a retreat than a functional space. Jacuzzi tubs, statement mirrors, and large spaces are some of the factors that are incorporated into the master bathroom.
If you’re ready to get started designing your master bedroom and building your custom home with Cogdill Builders, contact us today.  We can build you a home that fits your needs and personality.




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