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Must a Custom Luxury Home Come with a Luxury Price?

Everyone wants options. Does the following describe your situation:

You are at a stage in your life where you are ready to move into your last house and want that house to count. You may have lived in numerous tract houses, maybe some custom homes, but by now, you may not know exactly what you want, but you sure do know what you don’t want. And you cant find it. And you are frustrated. If you find yourself in that place, call me Mike Cogdill to discuss your next custom luxury home.

Consult with your custom home designer

Once you decide the way you want your house to be built or that special feature you want to install, you must fix an appointment with your home designer. Sketches, brochures, pictures from the internet, or magazine articles can be taken to your designer to give him/her an idea of exactly how you want your home to look. This will not only make things easier for the both of you, but can help start the process quicker.

At this stage, it is essential that you also plan your budget and let your designer know your spending level. This way, your designer can suggest options that will fit your means as well as serve your purpose. Depending on your budget, your builder can also give you the option of building portfolio homes. Technology oriented home designers like Cogdill will send you all the required documents and details over email to ensure that you’re involved in every step of the process.

Concept / Portfolio Floor Plans to fit your budget

The Cogdill Builders of Florida, Inc. portfolio floor plans , allow you to select from our  collection of pre-designed options with the ability to easily make your own additions (or deletions). Keeping in mind your lifestyle, portfolio homes can be designed to give you the best of what is required.

For example, if you don’t want your house big, but want a huge garage in the back, it is easily possible by modifying one of the available portfolio homes. This way, the functions you’ll use most are enhanced, while keeping the other parts of your home to a minimum in your budget.

Full-custom homes

So you don’t see anything in the portfolio floor plans that you like? You are not alone, some of the best plans I have on my site, like the Doxtater series, began with the owner producing a sketch at his dining room table. “But I am terrible at drawing”, you say. No problem, believe me, no matter how terrible a sketch you provide me, it wont be the worst. So, go head, sketch away and lets get your ideas on paper. While you’re at it, go ahead and make a laundry list of goodies you want, and items you don’t want; be as detailed as possible. 

During construction, you will be involved in many decisions during construction. Feel free to walk in anytime during construction process to check on how the work is going on. From custom-made vanity bathrooms to oversized closets in your large master bedroom, everything is possible the way you imagine it.

A little custom, or a lot of custom, whatever you want.

Call me to discuss at 813-486-9099.


Mike Cogdill

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