New Trend: Indoor Barn Sliding Doors

When working with the professionals at Cogdill Builders of Florida to design your custom home, you will want to consider fashion and décor in addition to function. An indoor barn sliding door serves several purposes so it’s no wonder they have become so popular amongst our clients.

In the last few years, we have seen a steady increase in the desire of homeowners to move away from cookie-cutter design and glossy, contemporary interiors towards a more custom casual style. More people ask for a design that incorporates a variety of styles which includes industrial, rustic and farmhouse. As such, indoor barn sliding doors have seen and phenomenal increase in popularity.

The barn-style door is easily identifiable thanks to its use of heavy and often reclaimed wood but modern variants replace wood with glass, steel, and other materials. A sliding partition with the casual look of a barn door provides a novel way to both separate and connect two rooms.

A popular misconception is that the barn door is only suitable for bedrooms with a rustic or farmhouse flair when this is exactly opposite of the truth. Indoor barn sliding doors can be used in contemporary and minimalist rooms. It can act as a transition between the master bedroom and the bathroom or serve as an ideal closet door that simply slides shut when needed. It is also a great way to conceal a walk-in closet, a small home office in the bedroom, or a messy shelf without having to deal with the traditional doors that swing open.

Do not be fooled the sliding barn door is not just about its looks alone. In fact, it brings a sense of functionality to a room by cutting down on wasted space that a normal door uses. Most doors take up extra space due to their swinging motion and simply put we want doors that stay out of the way and get the job done while using as little space as possible. In this regard the indoor sliding barn door is perfect.

When building your custom dream home in Florida, Mike Cogdill and his team of specialist at Cogdill Builders of Florida can incorporate all the latest trends including an indoor barn sliding
door in the bedroom, home office, or dining room. Give him a call today.

Where would you use an indoor barn sliding door in your custom home?

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