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New Trend: Oversized kitchen Islands

When designing your custom built home from Cogdill Builders of Florida, you may want to consider including an oversized kitchen island. It is an exponentially growing trend in the market and a great idea no matter your personal style with the added bonus of increasing the re-sell value of your home. By incorporating a large kitchen island, you create a well-designed space that is not only high-functioning but also hard-working by providing extra space for storage, eating, and food prep.

Most kitchen islands are designed with seating on only one side but with an oversized island you can add seating on two sides providing enough room for friends, family, and entertaining. This provides an in kitchen eating area, whether the seating is counter-height, bar-height, or banquette-style, eliminating the need for a table.

Depending on the shape and design of your oversized kitchen island, you can add seating on two sides at various levels, like a breakfast bar, while also customizing the space. For example, a large L-shaped kitchen island can include a sink and dishwasher, wine cooler, or a microwave on the interior while drawers or cabinets on the exterior might serve as storage for seasonal or less-frequently used kitchen supplies and cookbooks. This customized design can create an efficient and abundant work space perfect for baking cookies with the kids or preparing a large meal.

When designing you custom kitchen, adding an oversized island is a great way to emphasize your style. Using two tones for your cabinets and the island provides contrast, which makes both draw in the eye and stand out. You can also throw in a touch of personality by choosing a bright fabric for chair or stool upholstery or using paint for a pop of color and break up the space.

Although the growing desire for ultra-large kitchens that provide the spaciousness modern lifestyles require, you must be careful not to make your island too large so that it becomes an obstacle. The purpose of an island is to enhance the functionality of your kitchen but when it becomes too long or you have to walk a great distance around your island to get to your refrigerator, sink, or family, then it is no longer adding value to your space. Additionally, if your island is too large in both width and length, it can be difficult to clean or require a seam which is not very attractive.

There are several island options that we review with our clients when designing their custom built kitchens including multiple levels, various countertop materials, and using two smaller islands instead of one large one which not only creates more accessible cabinetry and defined work zones but also avoids the obstacle issue.
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