Real Estate Tips for Selling Your Existing Home

When you’re ready to build your dream home, nothing should stand in your way.  Depending on certain circumstances, it can take years to sell your existing home.  Poured Concrete Walls

If you need to sell your home first, this could delay your custom home from being built.  If you’re looking forward to a custom home with poured concrete walls, here are some tips for selling your existing home.

Do Your Homework

Make sure you price your home correctly.  Research other homes in the market.  Ask advice.  

Don’t start high and then reduce later, no matter what you see other homeowners doing.  

It gives the impression that the home is unsellable.  It also makes people think you may not be serious about selling.  If you price your home appropriately from the start, you can sell more quickly.

Keep track of your real estate agent’s activity.  This is especially true for their online activity.  

People brief homes online, and an agent with knowledge of the internet is vital.  If you are not seeing action online concerning your home, you should find out why.

Make your home bright and cheery.  Keep the windows clean and minimize draping.  Plant some flowers outside to increase curb appeal.  

Remember, much of your local exposure comes from people driving by and seeing the sign outside.  Your goal is to entice them to look inside.

Declutter your home.  Start downsizing and put unnecessary items in storage.  Leave your closets only half full if possible.  

The more space you appear to have, the more your home will appeal to buyers.  Storage is one of the top priorities for homebuyers.

Fix any small issues

Don’t do a huge home makeover, but go ahead and adjust the leaky faucet or fix the running toilet.  Little issues can turn buyers off, and will be worth it to you financially to fix.  

Large projects, however, probably won’t see a return right away, so skip them and just get the home sold!

Clean Vinyl & Poured Concrete Walls

Keep your exterior clean.  Pressure wash the outside if necessary.  Whether dealing with vinyl or poured concrete walls, showing your home at its best will only benefit you.  

Finally, make your home a blank canvas.  If you can make it less personal to you, potential buyers can envision it as personal to them.  You can even hire someone to stage your home, and make it appealing to buyers.

At Cogdill Home Builders, we can’t wait to build your custom home.  Follow these tips to sell your home.   You can start designing your dream home with our team right away.

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