Building an RV Garage for Custom Homes

RV Garage for Custom Homes

Cogdill Builders of Florida has recently received several requests from clients building their dream home in Florida to include a custom RV garage for the motorhome of their dreams. Traditional homes featuring RV garages are becoming more and more popular, because every RVer needs a home base. So if you’re thinking of building a custom RV garage at your home, you’re not alone.

There are several reasons why motorhome garages are a rising trend. First of all, owning an RV is expensive; gas is expensive, campsite reservations aren’t cheap, not to mention the time and effort required planning each trip. You will want to protect your investment while you are not on the road.

Most people have two RV storage options:

  • Park your RV at an off-site storage facility. This is typically a required option due to neighborhood or HOA by-laws, city ordinances, or space constraints.
  • Park your RV in your driveway or on your property.

RV garage plans are specifically designed to protect your investment and keep it in good condition. They mostly feature a least one garage bay that is taller, wider and deeper than a typical bay allowing it to accommodate the size and mass of an RV, motor home, travel trailer or camper but can be combined with regular sized bays for your everyday vehicles. The standard height of an RV garage door is 12 to 15 feet to accommodate for roof appliances like satellite receivers, fans, and air conditioning units. These garages can be either attached or detached and have one door or be designed as a drive-thru unit depending on your preferences and location.

The addition of an over-sized carport is also a viable option but not one recommended by Cogdill Builders because your RV is still open to wind, rain, and snow resulting in rusting or corrosion.

An over-sized garage bay designed for an RV is also well-suited for storing boats and trailers, as well as other over-sized vehicles. Additionally, some mechanics may find the tall ceilings provided by an RV garage the perfect size to install an auto lift for car maintenance.

If you are considering building your custom dream home in Florida, give Mike Cogdill a call today. He can make your dream a reality and answer any questions you may have about your RV garage plans.

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