Tampa Bay Home Builders on Your Lot – Picking the Right Place

If you’ve decided to have a custom home built through Cogdill Home Builders of Florida, Tampa Bay home builders on your lot, you probably can’t wait to get started!  Before you start to build, you will be looking to invest in the perfect piece of land to construct your dream home.  

Tampa Bay home builders on Your LotIf you already own land, you’ll still want to decide the best part of the property to build your home on.  There are certain things you should look for when you are choosing a site to build your home. 

Cogdill Home Builders wants to make sure you are prepared so that you are protected from any misrepresentations, disappointment, or false expectations.

Tampa Bay Home Builders on Your Lot Know the Facts

Factors such as the size of your lot, site conditions, and requirements that need to be met can increase the price of your home if you are not aware of what to look for when you are choosing your site.   While we can certainly accommodate almost any situation, careful planning will help you reduce your costs.  

One major factor you will want to consider is the slope of the site.  If you are dealing with uneven ground, or a steep slope where you are looking to build your home, it’s going to affect your cost considerably.  However, don’t write off the property just because this landscaping exists.

See if there is flat or reasonably level land at the top or bottom, and also see if other areas of the property fit the ideal requirements for our builders.  Also, look at the consistency.  Sandy soils work well for home building, while clay is much more difficult to build on, and may, in some cases, not even meet minimum requirements.

You will also want to take a look at the soil on your property.  Hiring an expert is the most efficient way to determine if there are any issues, but you can do some preliminary research to help you make your decision.  

Neighbors may know if there are any problem soils or a high water table.  Also, see if your lot is level with other homes.  If it is lower, you may require fill soil, which is an additional cost.

Drainage is another factor that will significantly impact your property, so knowing what to look for will help.  If you are in a season where there has been recent rain, look for significant pooling around the property.  

If the rest of the neighborhood is uphill from your property, this is also a warning sign, because all of the water has nowhere to go but to your place!  If there is a stream, this can cause frequent flooding when the stream is overfilled.  

Finally, if your property has wetlands, or did at one time, serious drainage issues can be caused once the wetlands are removed.  You can check the national registries to see if your property has once had wetlands.

With these simple tips to follow, you should be on your way to finding the perfect lot to build your home!  If you are uncertain, call Cogdill Home Builders, Tampa Bay home builders on your lot, and find out more about what to look for when buying land for your custom home.

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