Tampa Custom Home Builders – Custom Homes vs Standard Build

As Tampa Custom Home Builders, Cogdill Home Builders is a company that is dedicated to building you your dream home.   Tampa Custom Home Builders

There are many different methods you can look into when building a home for yourself.

And, we are often asked what sets us apart from the standard built method of hiring a contractor and architect.  

Thus, there are many perks to choosing a custom built home over standard build.

Tampa Custom Home Builders Share Benefits of Custom Builds

The major benefit is that custom homes are built and designed through a single contract.  When you are building a home, the traditional path would be to hire the people who work on and build your home.  

Standard Build Requirements

  • Architect to design the structure
  • Multiple contractors to build the home, install electric, and get you up and running
  • And then interior designers to develop the interior of the home.  

However, when you work with Cogdill Home Builders, you work through one contract that gives you all you need.

Custom Build Benefits

  • You’ll sit with our designers to create your version of your dream home.  
  • We will draw up your exterior frame, floor plan, and structure, keeping in mind your needs and special requests.
  • Our contractors will build your home from the ground up, including all necessary functions.  
  • We’ll work with you to design and create the interior of your home, from paint colors to appliances.  
  • When we are finished, you’ll have your full home designed, built, and ready to move into.

Having one contract gives you an ally throughout the entire process.  Your Tampa Custom Home Builders have conceptualized and planned your future home with you. As a result, they are uniquely in tune with your design needs.  

Also, having them present and in charge throughout the entire design process allows them to manage the process in your favor.  

They have your satisfaction in mind, and they ensure that every step taken leads you closer to your dream home.  If you are dealing with multiple contractors, as you would with a standard built home, you become the middle man.  

You are the main point of communication for everyone. Therefore, it’s left to you to facilitate relationships between contractors.  

With Cogdill Home Builders, we do that part for you, and are able to speak knowledgeably on your behalf.

Cogdill Makes Your Custom Built Home Easy

This frees you up to be involved heavily in the design process.  You’ll be able to pull up your design at different stages on your computer, and make notes, suggest changes, and view alterations immediately.   

The process is transparent and collaborative. Because you have only one contract, we are able to accurately determine and handle changes or expenses that occur if new information is found along the way.  

Thus, we have more power to handle each situation due to our complete involvement in the entire process.

When you choose Cogdill Home Builders, you’re getting more than an architect, contractor, and designer.  

You’re getting a full service advocate for your needs throughout the entire process of designing and building your dream home.  

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