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Tampa Custom Homes: What to Include

When you have a custom home built to your specifications, there are countless things to consider. From the style, floorplan, number of rooms, room design, exterior walls, to including sustainable green building products – the selections are vast. Cogdill Builders of Florida can make your decisions into a seamless process, and we work with you from start to finish to ensure your home is built to your specifications.

Tampa Custom Homes Layout

The beauty of a custom home is that it is designed precisely to your specifications. The layout of the home is one of the most important features, and you want it to match your lifestyle. Cogdill can design your home from scratch, or we offer portfolio floor plans from 3 – 6 rooms available. Rooms include not only bathrooms and kitchens but dens, garages, and patios as well. Also, if you have an RV or boat that requires special housing, that can be worked into your custom design.

Tampa Custom Homes Room Design

Room design is much more than décor – it is more like the icing on the cake. Room design includes flooring, countertop material, style of sink and shower and ceiling height. All these features will be the foundation for the decor of your home whether you prefer a sleek, sophisticated look or more traditional style. Natural stone is very popular for flooring as well as countertops and can last a lifetime with proper care. Two other very important rooms you want to take the time in designing are the bathrooms and kitchen. Some people prefer garden tubs to shower stalls and most people want both. If you like to cook, you may want to consider a chef’s kitchen. The possibilities are countless.

Tampa Custom Homes Exterior Walls

The first thing you see upon arriving home are the exterior walls, and it would be wise to keep this in mind when reviewing your options. Stucco is the most popular choice as it comes in different textures. Brick and stone provide a timeless beauty and can give any size home an affluent look. Cogdill Home Builders of Florida will strive to ensure the look of your home matches your style and expectations.

Tampa Custom Homes Green Products

Being contentious about the environment is not only good for the earth but a great added value that can save you money for years to come.  In addition to being cost effective, other benefits if using green building materials include:

  • Improving occupant health
  • Comfort
  • Productivity
  • Reducing pollution and landfill waste

Cogdill Builders of Florida can use ENERGY STAR products in your custom home for lighting, windows and other home equipment. Many other household appliances are available from ENERGY STAR to improve the efficiency and function of home from refrigerators to water conserving products. Make the home of your dreams not only good for you but the environment as well.

If you’ve been thinking about custom home design, it is time to call Cogdill Builders of Florida today. You can reach us at (813) 486-9099 or contact us online to get started. We are second to none when working with you to give you everything you need to include for your own little piece of paradise.

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