Tampa Home Builders on Your Lot Are Rebuilding Your Future

At Cogdill Builders of Florida, Tampa home builders on your lot, we encourage you to have the home you have always wanted.  Tampa Home Builders on Your Lot

If you’ve bought property with an existing home on it that simply isn’t working for you, or you have been living in a home that no longer works for you, but you love your location, maybe it’s time to consider tearing down and rebuilding.

There are many reasons you may wish to tear down and rebuild.  You may have a location and view you love, but you have outgrown your home, or you would like to add on but don’t want your house to end up looking pieced together or haphazard.  

Tampa Home Builders on Your Lot Tearing Down and Rebuilding

Maybe your house is just older and is no longer safe or efficient for you.  Or, falling in love with the property, you may have overlooked issues that have now made themselves known by living in your home.  

Maybe your dream home is something you could not achieve before, but now you have the opportunity.

Consulting Cogdill Builders is the first step when you are considering tearing you’re your home and rebuilding.

Since we are professionals in the industry, we can give you advice and help guide you through the transition.  We can also help you custom design your new home, so that you have a design plan in mind when you start tearing down.

This is important, because you may want to look into the steps you will need to take once the existing home is removed, and you will want an idea of what you are putting in its place to discuss logistics properly.  

When you decide to tear down your home, you will want to contact your local officials for information.  You will need to know your town’s zoning, planning and building regulations.  

You may also have impact fees, but many times the demolition costs will offset these.  One more thing you may want to look into doing is contacting your gas, electric and water companies to find out the disconnection process and time that properly for demolition.

Once you’ve decided to tear down and rebuild, you’ll have plenty of benefits from your decision.

For one, you will be living in a home that is better constructed and in compliance with the most recent building codes, providing a stronger foundation, a safer home, and less structural issues to maintain over time.  

You’ll have a home that is consistent in design, and not pieced together like most older homes that add on.  You will have an energy efficient home that will be comfortable and economical.  

Most importantly, you’ll be able to have the home you have always dreamed of without ever having to leave your property.

If you are living in a home that no longer works for you, in an area and on land that you love, you should consider a tear down and rebuild.  

At Cogdill Builders of Florida, Tampa home builders on your lot, we can advise you on the next steps to take in order to replace your existing house with a home that is custom designed to fit your needs.

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