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Custom Home Trends in Florida

When people think of home shopping, they often think of finding a home they like and buying it. However, the shift towards custom homes has now become a trend. In fact, there are a lot of communities in Florida that have predominantly customized homes. This allows the homeowner to truly live in their dream home, complete with their own features and done in their specific aesthetic.  This personal touch is what’s always lacking in fully constructed homes that go on the market.

 The Latest Trends in Customized Homes 

Given this trend and the advantages that come with it, most custom homes in the Florida area have a couple of things in common. Some of them include the following:

Indoor- Outdoor Space

Since the open concept for homes regained popularity, homeowners are constantly finding smart ways to expand their living space. One of the solutions they found was to create outdoor living spaces that extend their indoor ones. This has especially become popular in Florida because they are able to use this space all year round.

There a lot of ways to achieve a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space, like installing sliding doors or adding a deck. When done right, this is a great space to entertain and have lazy afternoons in.

Multipurpose, Open Rooms

Because Florida is now becoming a populated area, buying a property is becoming more and more expensive. The best way to take advantage of the square footage that you have is to design rooms to have multiple uses. Opening it up is also a great way to make the space look bigger than it is. Not only can the light and breeze flow through seamlessly, this design will also make a room look a lot less cluttered.

Wide Kitchens

Kitchens are now designed to open into living spaces, connecting to the dining and living area. This is especially noticeable on the west coast, where healthy cooking and entertaining people are both staples. A set-up like this allows the hosts to interact with their guests as they prepare the meal, and it also expands the space where they can entertain.

Even on a daily basis, this is very useful. You can prepare meals while watching your kids or talk to your friends as you blend your smoothie. This kitchen trend even extends to the popularity of outdoor kitchens. Most custom homes in Florida can have elaborate outdoor kitchen set-ups, including a barbecue grill, a pit, a separate refrigerator and even couches to entertain people while the food is cooking.


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