The Manhouse

The Man House

What’s more sacred,
what’s more strongly guarded by every holy feeling,
than a man’s own home?
– Cicero (Roman philosopher 107 BC – 44 BC)

The only home designed by a man for a man (that we are aware of).

Maybe you are a single or divorced man wanting a home designed for you that reflects your personality, or maybe you have a wife that actually lets you do what you want. You are tired of all the home designs you see with dining rooms, formal living rooms, lame garden tubs, and all the other rooms your current or ex insisted on but you just thought was wasted space?
We heard you, we felt your pain, we wiped your tears, and we delivered the Man House. Designed by a man for a man, crammed full of testosterone driven man stuff. From the Garage to the Master Man there’s no thanksgiving dinner table or bidets, or womens shoe racks in this bad boy.

Garage: When you drive into the garage, the difference is immediately noticeable. Your garage is enormous, large enough to hold all the must have stuff a man like you needs. Enough room for your driven-daily pickup truck, chick magnet luxury sedan or sports car, jet skis, boat, etc. Plus you have your garage stocked with all the man tools you need to work on all these toys, including deluxe rolling tool chest, work bench, air compressor, and arc welder. Since you will be spending quality time in the garage, we made sure we supplied you a garage shower so you don’t walk dirty into the house proper, and a urinal, (what man doesn’t want to stand while in his own garage).

Laundry: Entering from the garage, you pass through the laundry, so you can kick off the dirty clothes, or ifMan House the maid didn’t show up this weekend, you can shove your dirty clothes straight into the washer and get a new change straight from the dryer.

Kitchen: We located the kitchen close to the garage, because you’re done with carry groceries a long distance from the truck to the pantry. The pantry is oversized, because weekly shopping is something you loathe, unless its in a hardware or gun store. The Kitchen island we added is a popular feature in our recent houses, and it’s a requirement in the man house, because when all you buddies are over, they will initially gather around the kitchen. The bar, accessible from both the cigar room and kitchen make this a great set up for entertaining.

Guest Rooms: the guest rooms are conveniently located off the kitchen and laundry. You may have family over, or a buddy that had a few too many to drive home, so we sized the rooms not too big and not too small, because you want to be a good host, but you don’t want them thinking they can stay too long.

Central Rooms: your entertaining is multi-faceted. Sometimes you over for poker night, or maybe just have buddies or lady friends over to watch the game on the big screen tv in the man gathering room. Or Maybe its just a drinking night, and you want to relax in the cigar den with your best friends and catch then up on your latest addition to the gun collection.

Covered Manai: Yes we know it’s known as a lanai on more conventional homes, but this is a man. When the party spills outdoors, you have plenty of room for gathering outdoors with ample seating, an outdoor grille, and because the garage is rear loading, you can easily move from manai to garage with ease.

Office: Sometimes you need quality office time with no one bugging you. We understand. This is where you really get creative things done. Your home office is set up for productivity. You have no time to be cramped and disorganized. A two wall built-in desk gives you plenty of room to spread out all your projects. The large computer monitor located in the 45 degree corner allows you to have plenty of arm rest on the desk topfor the long hours you spend working in “the zone”. Large lateral file cabinets, a dedicated network printer, and shelving above the desk give you a home office better than your professional office.

Master Man Suite: With all the entertaining you do in this house, you need your private space. Your Master Man Suite is spacious, with capacity to add all the furnishing you deem appropriate, large windows and a full glass door accessing the manai and your back yard. The best part of the Man Suite is the Master Bath. Huge closets, his and more his, with plenty of room for not only your slob clothes, but dress clothes and all the hunting and sports related clothing she used to make you keep in the garage. There is no wimpy garden tub in this bathroom, because when you are in a situation warranting a garden tub, you can take it to the next level with your own shades of gray. You have an outdoor hot tub and sauna, located next to the walk in shower, enabling you to alternate between shower, sauna, and hot tub, with the king size bed close at hand.

We know what your thinking, yes, a man house junior is in the works and were thinking about a woman house.

Can you stand it boss?

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