Universal Design in Custom Homes

Incorporating Universal Design in custom homes is not typically the first thing that comes to mind; you are likely too busy drooling over bamboo hardwoods and granite counter tops. However, if you plan on making your new custom home your forever home, you may want to consider it.

Right now, you are young and vibrant but what happens when your muscles weaken and bones become brittle? More often than not everyday chores that you once considered routine, like laundry or taking a shower, become nightmares chocked full of obstacles that you don’t have the strength to maneuver.  

You may be wondering what exactly is Universal Design? The answer is rather simple. Universal design is all about creating safer and more accessible homes for everyone, regardless of age, size, or ability. Universal design in custom homes fits just about every lifestyle possible including:

  • Families with young children
  • Older adults who want to stay in their home as they grow older
  • People who are taller or shorter than average
  • People who have limited mobility or dexterity
  • People with a permanent or temporary disability

Implementing universal design at the beginning of the building process is easy and affordable. Universal design features in custom homes are so simple and unobtrusive that you won’t even realize they are there. Cogdill Builder of Florida offers universal design floor plans with features that just make sense for everyone.

Our universal design features include:

  • No-step entry: Handicap ramps into the home are achieved by sloping the garage floor creating a no-step path into the house through an ADA compliant door into your home.
  • One-story living: Dining areas, bathrooms, and sleeping areas are all located on one handicap accessible, barrier-free level.
  • Wider doorways: ADA compliant doors are 32-36 inches wide in order to allow wheelchairs pass through. Wider doors also make it easier to pass through the door with large items, furniture, or a hand full of groceries!
  • Wider hallways: ADA compliant hallway widths of 36-42 inches, allow easy passage of people and things.
  • Extra floor space: Our ADA compliant bathrooms and kitchens will improve ergonomics and your enjoyment of these spaces.
  • Blocking in bathroom walls: Allows for easy installation of optional ADA compliant handrails.
  • Lever door handles: We’ll install ADA compliant door hardware and rocker light switches. These are great for people with poor hand strength, and they are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Good Lighting: outstanding ADA compliant lighting throughout your universal design home including: walk-in closets, bathrooms, and common areas is critical to everyone’s enjoyment and simply looks good.

The best time to add universal design to you custom home is in the planning stage, before the building process even begins. Contact Cogdill Builders of Florida today to learn more about building an ADA compliant home. We’ll provide you with great tips on what to look for when choosing and custom home floor plan, especially if you are considering universal design.

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