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Customizing Your Small Office Building

When you are building your new office building, you want to make it clear that it is yours.  You want the building itself and its design to fall in line with your overall brand.  There are a few ways to make sure that your office is unique.  Here are some tips for customizing your small office building when you use custom builders in Florida.

Using Custom Builders in Florida to Personalize Your Office


Customizing the layout of your building will make a big impact on the impression people get when they walk into the room.  If your brand is softer and organic, custom builders in Florida could create a layout with curves and fluid movement.  If you have a more modern brand, you want to create sharper lines, and maybe add some structural details that will show you’re aware of the latest trends in architectural design.  If your brand is more classic, creating arched entryways to each work space, or incorporating classically inspired architecture will help you portray your brand throughout the building.


The colors of your brand should be displayed throughout your property.  If your brand has mostly dark colors, you can incorporate some complementary color schemes, but it is good to have splashes of your brand colors throughout.  For example, if your logo is Burgundy, that may be a bit dark to paint all of your walls.  But, you could add Burgundy furniture for the waiting room, and Burgundy accents to the walls.  It is all about making your brand known in subtle ways.


A lot of your office building branding will be based on your ambiance.  Lighting, scent, and sound are all important elements.  If you have a massage parlor, you may choose soothing music, low lighting, and a lavender scent.  If you have a high volume, trendy salon, you may opt for latest hits on the stereo, flattering light, and an energetic scent, like citrus or mint.  More professional offices, like a law firm, may prefer warm lighting, instrumental versions of classic hits, and scents like pumpkin or apple.  These things give a feeling of familiarity and inspire trust.

Finding the right elements to incorporate into your office and carry through your branding is essential to customization.  The right level of branding and design in your office will help you guide your audience’s perception of your business.  With the correct distribution of your brand elements, your office will be completely personalized.  


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