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Ways to Set Your Custom Home Apart

When you choose to design a custom home, you are creating a home that is uniquely you.  When you design your own home, you want to think outside the box.  Creating a design that is all your own isn’t always easy.  Thankfully, we have a number of options for building a custom home that will help you at Cogdill Builders of Florida.  Here are some of our tips for setting your custom home apart.

Tips for Building a Custom Home that Stands Apart

Tip One:  Pay Attention to Trim and Mouldings

You’d be surprised what a difference in appearance the trim and moulding in a room can make.  This is an easy way to set any room apart and create a unique design for your space.  Think of the trim as a frame for your room.  Different frames can set off the main design in a variety of ways.

Tip Two:  Think About Your Lifestyle

What do you enjoy?  How do you live?  There are no rules when it comes to custom design, which means that you can easily make your home one of a kind, and perfect for you.  If you enjoy relaxing after a long day, have an oversized spa bathroom.  If you love being outdoors, focus on a beautiful porch.  You can even add a game room or a library if that’s where your interests lie.  Once you start to think about what makes you unique, your home will be sure to follow.

Tip Three:   Put in a Fireplace

Nothing sets a home apart quite like a fireplace.  The right fireplace creates a natural focal point in the room.  Functional art is the trend for cutting edge home design, and fireplaces are a natural classic in this category.

Tip Four:  Get Creative with your Storage Space

Finding new storage methods has become the latest in cutting edge design.  Creative kitchen cabinets and shelving are one way to show your design savvy.  Hidden storage is also a practical and visually appealing option.  Let our designers sit with you and help you get the most out of your space.  You’ll definitely be ahead of the other homes if you consider all of the innovative options available for creative storage space.  

Tip Five:  Garage Design

Another way to make sure your home stands above the rest is to get creative with your garage design.  Your garage can be a very prominent aspect of your exterior design.  Look at our portfolio to see what we have done with garages in the past.

Whatever your preference, Cogdill Builders of Florida will make sure that your design reflects your taste.  Beginning the design process of building a custom home is the best way to ensure that your house stands apart.


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